Fragrant Silica gel-2
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Fragrant Silica gel-2

The fragrant pearls used the silica gel as the carrier of perfume added powder of pearls. Our series of fragrant pearls includes various types such as Apple,Lemon, Mint and flowers etc.. It is a new air-freshener with high effect. Every 10g fragrant pearls can absorb 7.5ml ammonia. So it is widely used in cars, toilets, hotels, clothes and pet litter as air-freshener.
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Properties and uses

granular in ball form, colorful and aromatic silica gel, used in hotel, house, sleeping room, dinning room, wardrobe, mobile, etc.



5g, 10g, 15g OPP plastic film package, or adjusted according to customer's requirements.


The professional supplier of cat litter products including Silicagel, Bentonite, Tofu, Pine Wood, Paper Cat Litter In China.

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